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About Us

The principals in the corporation are as follows:

Dr. Edmond C. Hallberg, Ed.D., MFT

Dr. Hallberg did his graduate work at Stanford University, and has been a faculty member and Dean at San Francisco State University. He also has been a Dean of Admissions and Students at California State University, Los Angeles. Professor Hallberg was also the Coordinator for the Higher Education Counseling program at the university. He was the Coordinator of the Wellness College and the Midlife Counseling Program at the university. As an author he has written over 30 articles and books, and three software websites – SmartGrades.net, Early Alert and Stresscom.net. He is a national industrial trainer and stress consultant. He is a fellow in the American Institute of Stress. He also is a Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in midlife crisis and older worker issues.

Kaylene Hallberg, M.S.

Kaylene has her Masters of Science degree from Azusa Pacific University in the area of Student Development. She has been a community college counselor at Fullerton College, Dean of Counseling at Cypress College, and the Statewide Dean of Students for the 110 community colleges in California. She is presently the Dean of Student Services at Sierra College. Kaylene has co-authored several books, and is the co-author of the software sites SmartGrades.net, Stresscom.net, and Early Alert.

Our Team

We also employ a group of professionally qualified independent contractors. Their services range from technical development and operations, to curriculum development and research.