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How to Order

To Order

Write, email or call:

Ombudsman Press Inc.
6525 Curtola Ranch Rd.
Auburn, CA 95602
(530) 269 3230

The prices listed below will vary depending on the number purchased. Call for license agreement prices.

Prices for the 2018 year are the following:


Assessment Title Each
College Success Factors Index (paper and pencil version) $8.00
College Success Factors Index (online version- refer to www.cengage.com/collegesuccess) $ -.--
School Success Factors Index (paper and pencil version) $8.00
www.smartgrades.net with Early Alert Report $8.00
Stress Schedule (paper and pencil version) $8.00
Best Steps to College $4.955
     One administration $12.00
     Corporate or Physician licensing Call
Hallberg Index of Mid-Life Management (Intimate Chill Index) $8.00
Managing You as a Corporation $8.00
Intimate Chill Index (general public) $8.00
Intimate Chill Index (returning military and families) $8.00


Book Title Each
Gray Itch $20.00
Getting into Overtime $16.00
Holding Hands Again $16.00
Making the Dean’s List (refer to www.cengage.com/collegesuccess) $ -.--
Making the Dean’s List- Instructors’ addition $22.00
School Success Factors Index Manual $12.00
College Success Factors Index Manual $12.00
Stresscom.net Manual $12.00
The Little Red Book on the Student Affairs Curriculum: A Point of View $12.00


Consulting is based on time and expertise necessary. Please call for consulting prices related to Hallberg Systems.