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We have attempted to develop our consultations and books around our assessment research.

Note: If you are interested in any area of our research, we will be happy to share it with you. Please contact us. Some of our research is found within the topics listed below.

Stress Research

  • Patient heart disease
  • Pilot behavior
  • Computer Corporate Engineers
  • Graduate Students
  • City of Pasadena workers
  • Westwood Veterans Hospital veterans
  • Stress and Student GPA
  • Health Educators
  • MS Patients
  • Student Teachers
  • Eczema Patients
  • Battered Wives
  • U.S. Olympic Executive Management Committee
  • Dentists throughout the country
  • Film Industry personnel
  • Policemen / Sheriffs

School Success and College Success

  • Gear-up Programs in New York, West Virginia, California
  • 10th Grade College Readiness
  • High School College Readiness
  • Chicago High School Readiness
  • Arizona, Maryland, Long Beach counseling
  • Academically Superior Student Populations
  • College Retention Programs
  • Community College Special Opportunity Programs
  • High School and College Instructor Training
  • Early Alert Retention Programs
  • Summer Bridge Programs
  • Counselor Education
  • Counselor Advising Programs
  • Educational Opportunity Programs
  • Basic Skills Initiatives
  • Prediction of Student Return and Non-Return the Second Year
  • Freshmen Experience Classes
  • Student College Probation Programs
  • Ethnic student programs
  • Minority intervention programs

Product Background Research

The background research such as validation, norming, reliability and application for our products may be found in three manuals: College Success Factors Index Manual, The Smartgrades.net- School Success Factors Index Manual, and the Streesscom.net Manual. These may be referenced under "How to Order- Books" on this web site. You are also welcome to call or email for more information regarding these areas of research.