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Hallberg Systems


Hallberg Systems offers consultations and training designed to help users to understand and implement our measurement programs. Too often, measurements are used and are left unconnected to educational and corporate practices, precluding proper follow-up and interpretations necessary for improved behavioral change.

We work “long term” with our clients to complete the process of measurement and change. Sometimes our training and consultation relate to interpreting our instruments; other times we consult with clients to develop interventions or perform necessary organizational change.

For example, with the School Success Factors Index, we may include faculty training, curriculum development, and provide teachers with techniques and materials for improving the success of their students. Other times we may work with physicians to develop procedures for working with patient stress. Another example would include conducting applied research related to educational success and medical wellness.

In other words, we like to provide the user a special link to us to insure more productive behavioral changes in students, clients and patients.

Ed and Kaylene Hallberg have consulted with the Chrysler, Computer Science, Hughes, Southern California Gas, General Telephone, Home Savings and Loan, Federal Reserve corporations as well as the U.S. Olympic Executive Committee and numerous state and national dental associations.

We have presented and consulted with over 75 colleges and high schools, and have been featured on over 60 radio stations. Furthermore, we have presented our program on numerous TV shows, including David Letterman, Dinah Shore, Hour Magazine, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Phil Donahue.