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The Intimate Chill Index

The Intimate Chill Index measures the "distancing" between partners, a dangerous threat to the relationship. The Intimate Chill Index asks the participant’s reaction to important topics and issues in a love relationship. When the aggregated distance is too great, an intimate chill results in love relationships, causing misunderstandings, and leading to acting out behaviors antithetical to the loving relationship. To find out how much distancing and "chill" are occuring in the relationship, each partner takes the survey separately, and then, as a couple, they compare overall scores and individual items, and discuss differences so improvements may be made, and the distancing reduced.

The Intimate Chill Index (for returning service personnel and their significant others)

This is a modified version of the ICI, and is designed to look at the interpersonal distancing that has, or has not, occurred to service personnel and their significant others during military deployment.

Managing You as a Corporation

This survey is designed to compare a person’s levels of wellness information, a critical part of wellness. To increase the understanding of clients, the questions are organized under a more familiar matrix, a common corporate organizational chart. Personal aspects of an individual's wellness are related to the research, personnel, communication, finance, and operations and marketing divisions of a corporation to give an overall picture of wellness.