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Octagon Learning System

Through the design of the Octagon Learning System, we are dedicated to increasing the success of school and college students, and those striving to become college students. This year, thousands of students applying to college will be turned down due to inadequate GPA. They lack the basic foundations for college success.

Research data indicate that half of the entering freshmen at certain colleges will not return the following year. Even more disturbing is this number—40% of high school students drop out before graduation. At the present time, some 7,000 high school students dropout every school day. These numbers represent a terrible loss—to the student, to the student’s family, and to the society in which that student must eventually work.

The importance of success in school and college simply cannot be overemphasized. In addition, success in academic environments is due to learnable factors—skills and attitudes which are the foundations for academic success. That is one of the reasons we developed the Octagon Learning System.

The Octagon Learning System involves consultation with school and/or parents to insure the eight factors of the Octagon are learned by students. These factors are responsibility/control, competition, task/precision, expectations, wellness, time management, school involvement and family involvement.