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The need to diagnose and manage stress has become a staggering worldwide problem. Today, stress is an epidemic, and as such, a major reason for doctors’ office visits and a major part of the skyrocketing costs of workers compensation. Approximately sixty percent of visits of doctors’ offices relate to stress. Workers with high stress have three times the absentee days, and some have mental illnesses, which appear years before their fellow workers.

It was estimated by Paul Rosch, President of the American Institute of Stress, in a New York Times article that stress costs amounted to 300 billion dollars a year.

Astronomical health care costs have led medical personnel to allow their patients—to personalize—to be responsible for their own medical data, and monitor their own stress with consultation,, thus reducing costs.

Stresscom.net was designed to meet these cost problems head-on by offering patients and workers a way to measure, monitor, and manage their stress. Stresscom.net has been able to diagnose stress as a part of several illness-related syndromes, such as heart disease and eczema. Stresscom.net has also been able to reduce, in the second year, workers compensation costs by as much as 38% in a major U.S. city, Pasadena, California.

Medial Testing / Medical Insurance Costs

With an increasing number of physician visits taken up with stress issues, Stresscom could act as a diagnostic devise much as MRI, CAT, or PET scans do now, without the large existing outlay costs for technology. Stresscom could also be taken at home, reducing travel and re-appointment costs. Moreover, patients could go over test results with an easy to read printout or over an I-Phone.

Diagnosis and Management

Stresscom measures six areas of stress, and could be used as a more specific diagnosis measurement, and subsequent stress management system. Presently, most doctors work from a general concept of “being stressed” to assist patients manage their stress... This approach is less effective than having six specific areas that indicate more targeted management techniques.

Stress Measuring, Monitoring and Management Corporation

Stresscom.net has a great potential to be helpful in obesity, and wellness programs. Stresscom is also useful to college health centers; therapists; corporate EAP and workers compensation specialists; hospitals; and the U.S. Military (for post-traumatic stress issues).

Additionally, Stresscom is being utilized in areas of stress overseas licensing; medical research; as a partner with pharmaceutical companies; wellness programs; military PTSD diagnoses and treatment, and medical record initiatives.